Feeling “Like Crazy” with Felicity Jones and Drake Doremus (Winners Of 2011 Sundance Grand Jury Dramatic Movie/Acting Awards)

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the most prestigious and talked about film festivals in the world (Kade Nation will remember me covering it in 2010, and all of the amazing adventures and content I brought back) created by Robert Redford as a show place for unique movie and entertainment content, while also featuring some of the world’s top movie making talent, in one of the coolest environments imaginable in Park City, Utah.  Every year, there are several movies that are “The Talk of the Town”, leading to purchase by a major studio for distribution, or breakout performances by an up and coming actor/actress (I will never forget how much Carey Mulligan was the buzz for her role in “An Education” which has led to her rapid ascent to the top of Hollywood), and this year was no different with Drake Doremus’ “Like Crazy” which starred Felicity Jones (One of the most up and coming young actresses in Hollywood right now, who is also the face of Burberry, who was the talk of Sundance because she improvised her role as “Anna” in the movie to critical acclaim and won the prestigious “Best Dramatic Actress” award at the festival), Anton Yelchin (Another up and comer who people will remember in his role opposite Anthony Hopkins in “Hearts Of Atlantis”), and Jennifer Lawrence (Like Felicity, she is well on her way to Hollywood stardom with her role in “Like Crazy” having created such a buzz that she is currently starring opposite Bradley Cooper in “The Silver Linings Playbook” being filmed in Philadelphia currently) stealing the show and winning Doremus a “Best Dramatic Picture Award” at Sundance, and solidifying him as one of the top young directors emerging in Hollywood right now.  I saw his movie in 2010, “Douchebag”, which was awesome and also in contention for the top prize in 2010, and his working relationship with Jones was so strong that they just finished a new project that is in Post Production..

Yelchin and Jones play Jacob and Anna, college students in Los Angeles who become a couple. Anna is a British exchange student who overstays her visa after it expires on graduation. She returns home to London, and when she flies back to Los Angeles she is turned away by customs officials, throwing the couple into a long-distance relationship, and igniting the type of connection, love, and turmoil that will find a connection in anyone’s life who sees it, and will no doubt prove why Doremus and Jones are two names to watch for superstardom in the very near future.  Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the two as a correspondent for Pop Culture Madness, and talks about the movie, their roles in making it the hit of Sundance, what’s next for both of them, and soo much more!!