Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor, Broadway performer, and one of America’s long time most popular entertainment figures, decides that after he was fired from his latest job he wanted at 60 years old to live another one of his dreams, the dream of helping children.  Who else could pull of this task then the incredible Tony Danza, who in the process headed back to my Alma Mater, Northeast High School in Philadelphia, became a teacher for a year, and showed how difficult and rewarding the profession can be with a reality show aptly named “Teach”, and now a bestselling memoir detailing his journey to helping 10th graders in an urban school find their own dreams.  Best known for his unique roles on the iconic “Who’s The Boss” and “Taxi”, Tony details the trials and tribulations of being everything to these kids, while also showing how truly taxing and engulfing it can be to immerse yourself into one of the most underrated, underpaid, and under appreciated roles in America, and in the process shows a genuine and disarming look into his own life, the continuous reinvention of his career, his divorce, and a process of self discovery that helps him through perhaps the toughest role of his life.  Here is the link to “I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had By Tony Danza”…

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the legendary Tony Danza during his media blitz in NYC/LA to talk about his year as a teacher at Northeast High School in Philly, what it was like going from esteemed actor to trying to help children with Shakespeare and football, why at 60 he chose to try this, the difficulties and rewards he experienced, what lies ahead for him, and sooo much more!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here are some of Tony Danza’s recent TV Appearances talking about his unique journey!

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