Most people will recognize the awesome Greg Grunberg from the hit ABC phenomenon “Heroes”, and currently one of the stars of “The Client List” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, but Greg has been acting most of his adult life.  With roles on hits like Felicity and Alias, Greg has built himself an incredible acting resume with terrific roles.  What most people don’t know is that in addition to being a successful actor, Greg has also created the Internet’s #1 Mobile Coupon Application called “Yowza” (, started a foundation to help with epilepsy at (His son has epilepsy), and even has a band called Band From TV ( which features him alongside some of his acting friends.  A successful actor, brilliant entrepreneur, and man giving back to a great cause, Greg shows that his best days are ahead as he forges forward onto Season 2 of “The Client List”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats with the incredibly humble and awesome Greg Grunberg via Spreecast from LA to talk about his wonderful career as an actor, starring with Jennifer Love Hewitt (He calls her “Love”), what led him to create the ultra successful ‘Yowza”, his band, his role on ABC’s phenomenon “Heroes”, and giving back to the epilepsy community via his Foundation.  Greg is one of the good guys in Hollywood as you will quickly see in the interview, and it’s great to see him using his celebrity and relationships to work towards a great cause!  Enjoy Kade Nation!