Kiehls LifeRide For AMFAR: Interviews With Tyson Beckford, Tricia Helfer, Chris Salgardo (President, Kiehls USA), And Chef Jen Carroll (10 ARTS/Top Chef All Stars)

There is nothing more rewarding then having the opportunity to help such an amazing cause such as the eradication of a horrendous virus that has led to soo many deaths such as HIV/AIDS,  so to be able to see and interview some of Hollywood’s finest such as Jason Lee (2 Time Golden Globe Nominee for “My Name Is Earl”/Chasing Amy), Mark Paul Gosselaar (“Franklin And Bash” who will join the ride in Boston), Tyson Beckford (Supermodel/TV Personality), Tricia Helfer (Two and A Half Men, Number 6 on BattleStar Gallactica, Supermodel), Chris Salgardo (President, Kiehls USA), Justin Chatwin, Katee Sackhoff, Teddy Sears, Christopher Redman, Marguerite Moreau. and so many others as they partner up with the premier skincare brand in the world, Kiehls, and do a motorcycle ride to help raise money for the AMFAR organization (The American Foundation For AIDS Research which is the leader in the world for finding a cure for HIV/AIDS) for a second straight year was just a joy!  The 2011 Kiehls’ LifeRide is a 7 day Motorcycle ride that started in King Of Prussia, PA, that will make stops at various Kiehls stores along the way in helping raise money for AMFAR, and culminate at the Flagship store in NYC’s MeatPacking district.  The event today was hosted by my one of my favorite people in the world, who is coincidentally the award winning chef from “10 Arts At The Ritz Carlton by Eric Ripert” and “Top Chef All Star” that I interviewed a couple weeks ago, Jen Carroll (Who actually had the various celebrities on hand asking HER for pictures!!), who put together an unbelievably delicious spread for all the guests, and pretty much all of Rittenhouse Square was closed off with pandemonium occurring when all the celebs rode in on their bikes at 11AM (I don’t think I have ever seen women approach one man more for pictures then they did Tyson Beckford, who is 40, but seriously hasn’t aged past 30, and may be one of the best looking men I have ever seen in person).  It was an awesome event for an awesome cause, and a HUGE Kade Style shout out to Laura on a phenomenal job in organizing and running the PR for the event because it went great and was an enormous success!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” interviews some of the stars of the event on their involvement with the Kiehls LifeRide 2011, such as Tyson Beckford (The face of Ralph Lauren’s POLO for years..What a funny and awesome guy, and even better interview!), Tricia Helfer (Who is beyond gorgeous in real life!), Chris Salgardo (President of Kiehls USA, one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, and we talk about how he has used his forum as CEO of a major lifestyle brand like Kiehls and being openly Gay to serve as an amazing role model for the public), and Jen Carroll (I have been bombarded with questions from fans about whether or not she is single so I had to ask her on camera..), their enjoyment in being part of such an amazing cause, and their respective careers/lives. Enjoy Kade Nation!!: