Learning How “We Advance” In Haiti With Maria Bello (2-Time Golden Globe Nominated Actress/Humanitarian)

Maria Bello was already one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood having starred in some amazing movies like The Cooler, A History Of Violence, Coyote Ugly, Thank You For Smoking, And Payback, but after meeting and interviewing her, I can now say that she is one of my favorite people as well!  Outside of being just an absolute sweetheart filled with humility and graciousness, the work that she is doing with her charity “We Advance” that she co-founded with Barbara Guillaume which “is a movement to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti. We work in some of the poorest slums in all of the western hemisphere – Wharf Jeremy and Cité Soleil – where security issues deter the work of most international NGOs. We start from the bottom because it’s where we are needed the most and, as co-founder and activist, Barbara Guillaume, says: “If we can change the worst of Haiti we can change all of Haiti.” is just purely inspirational and amazing!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible actress and activist to talk to her about “We Advance” and all of the wonderful work that she and the organization have been doing in Haiti, her remarkable journey from Norristown, PA to successful Hollywood career, some of her favorite co-stars and career moments, working hand in hand with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in Haiti, and sooo much more!! An enormous thank you to the always wonderful Corie Moskow of Gloss PR for putting this together for me (And a Beautiful event as well!), and it was a true pleasure to sit down with Maria and talk about this cause!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And Here is Maria on CNN With Wyclef Jean talking about the problems and work being done in Haiti..