Jonathan Demme is one of Hollywood’s great directors, having produced award winning masterpieces such as “The Silence Of The Lambs”, “Philadelphia”, “Beloved”, and “Rachel Getting Married”, is gaining a reputation as one of the best to ever get behind the camera.  Outside of his brilliant movies, Demme has also produced critically acclaimed documentaries and projects like his series with musician Neil Young and now with the release of his incredible documentary “I’m Carolyn Parker” on PBS, he shows us life in the 9th Ward of New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, and takes us inside the life of one of the most unique courageous women you will ever meet.  Produced alongside author Daniel Wolff (Whom I interviewed in late August) who wrote a marvelous book “The Fight For Home” describing the story, the documentary takes us inside Parker’s indomitable spirit which intrigued Demme from the moment he first spotted her, as he and Daniel drove along Jourdan Avenue in June 2006 and paused in front of her scarred and gutted double-shotgun house, their camera pointed toward her.  The documentary is nothing short of remarkable, and has received incredible reviews from all of the National Media once again showing why Jonathan Demme is an artist of the highest caliber.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with a Hollywood Icon, Jonathan Demme, in NYC right before the debut of his newest critically acclaimed project, “I’m Carolyn Parker” to talk about making this unique look into a fascinating woman’s life, what initially attracted him to Carloyn Parker and New Orleans, his unique career and brilliant masterpieces, what it has been like directing some of Hollywood’s best from Tom Hanks to Denzel Washington to Anne Hathaway, his favorite project, and sooo much more!!  It doesn’t get any better then sitting down with Jonathan Demme who has created some of Hollywood’s most memorable works of art, and who in person is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here is Jonathan Demme on Tavis Smiley right before chatting with me as well as our full conversation!