Etan Thomas is the perfect example of the type of role model that an athlete should be!  As an 11 year NBA veteran, he has used his notoriety and athletic celebrity to talk about the issues that matter and make a difference in the world.  As a noted writer and poet, whom Kareem Abdul Jabbar referred to as “The Poetic Voice of our Generation”, he has helped demonstrate that a man who makes a living with a ball can make a difference with his mind.  With his new book “FatherHood” which he wrote with Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Chiles with a foreword by Tony Dungy,  Etan Thomas speaks from his heart on what matters most in his life: being there for his children. As a highly respected player in the NBA and a leading participant in President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative, Etan has reached out to young men (often young fathers) in the juvenile detention system and in local communities. He knows firsthand the difference having a father in your life every day can make—and as a father of three, Etan walks the talk in his own life.

Now he brings together a chorus of voices—highly revered professional athletes and coaches, actors and performing artists, politicians and leaders of faith—to weigh in on the importance of being a father in our nation today. Isaiah Washington, Howard Dean, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Taye Diggs, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Tony Hawk, Al Sharpton, Chuck D and many more share what they’ve learned from being a father, having a father, or in some cases not having a father around.  Through these inspiring personal experiences, Etan and the men he’s gathered together hope to share the message that by standing up and taking an active role as fathers, men not only find their own lives more joyful and fulfilling–they pass on to the next generation an unshakable legacy of love, wisdom, responsibility, and strength.  Etan contributes to the Huffington Post, CNN, and ESPN, and is the author of the highly regarded poetry collection More Than an Athlete. He was chosen by the Obama Administration to participate in President Obama’s town hall meetings on fatherhood.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the inspirational Etan Thomas during his TV Media blitz in NYC with CNN, VH1, and many more to talk about his wonderful new book which was perfectly released in accordance with Father’s Day, what is was like for him growing up without a father, some of the wonderful celebrity names that he was able to round up to participate in the creation of the book, who the toughest player he ever played against was, and sooo much more!!  Etan really is a special man doing special things, and is the best example of how sports and life can intersect in an amazing and influential way.

And here is a wonderful piece FOX News did on Etan about the work he is doing with kids without a father!