There were so many wonderful story lines in the 2012 London Olympics, but few if any can compare to the Hollywood Ending that David Boudia wrote in becoming the first American diver since Greg Louganis to win the 10M Platform dive, while ending the supremacy of diving that has been held around the world by the Chinese, as well as better one of England’s most prized athletes Tom Daley.  Qualifying last (18th) in the preliminary round, and then 3rd in the semifinals, it was hard to imagine David putting together a string of constant incredible dives like he did in the finals, but like a true champion, David saved his best for last, and in one of America’s great Olympic moments in recent history, was able to hold off Daley and China’s Qiu Bo to secure Gold, and a place in America’s hearts.  Not to mention, that he and his partner Nick McCrory, also won the Bronze in the synchronized competition!    It is hard to comprehend the feeling of winning a Gold Medal in one of the Olympics most difficult and precise sports, but the impact that Boudia now gives to USA Diving moving forward will propel the team sport for years to come!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of America’s Gold Medal Olympic heroes, David Boudia, right after appearances on NBC’s Today Show, Fox And Friends, and a slew of other National Media to talk about what it was like bringing Olympic Gold back to USA in an event that has eluded the country since 1988, the feeling of watching Qiu Bo “miss” his last dive securing the Gold for Boudia, the feeling of having his country’s anthem played on the podium, his mindset heading into the finals after barely qualifying in the Prelims, his “Super Bowl Moment” outside of winning the Gold, his impending Nuptials, and soo much more!  On a personal note, it is difficult to explain the graciousness and humility that David possesses in person, and how much he credits his Faith, and love for his Fiancee as being the bedrock for his winning formula.  A TRUE CHAMPION in every sense of the word!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is David on NBC’s Today Show and Fox and Friends talking about his journey this week!

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