Rich Franklin, mixed martial artist, and former UFC Middleweight Champion, sits down to talk with The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade. Rich talks to us about the recent Anderson Silva knockout, saying ” I didn’t watch the fight live, I was traveling back from Las Vegas the night of the fight, I had put my phone down and when I finally kicked my phone over literally my message box on my phone was full of all these text from my friends, “Anderson got knocked out!” I probably had fifty text, I couldn’t believe it.” Franklin gives us his prospective on Anderson, saying “I couldn’t have lost my title to a better fighter, not just technically a better fighter, but Anderson was a true gentleman in victory with me and he was very humble and we’ve seen a little bit of an evolution in him as a fighter…he doesn’t just when fights, he makes good fighters look bad.” Rich also speaks about what makes Anderson dominate, saying that there are certain skills every fighter is blessed with, with Anderson, Rich says that it is his perception and timing. Rich tells us about aging in the UFC world, saying that he definitely sees a difference from when he was twenty-two compared to his current age of thirty-eight, especially when it comes to recovery. As far as career and popularity go, Rich tells us that when the sport itself became big, he grew with it. Franklin talks about his career and retiring, he says that he has one fight left on contract with the UFC, but as of right now he is focused on trying to get his juice company up and running. Lastly Rich speaks about the younger generation of fighters coming up, saying “They’re going to be a completely different generation of fighters than the fighters that were in my prime, this generation is a group of mixed martial artist that have had the ability of doing this their whole life.”

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