Claressa Shields is not only an Olympic Champion now, she is an American Hero who has helped Flint, MI find it’s new hope, and she has become the first American Woman to win the Gold Medal in Boxing as Middleweight Champion.  Today, she was honored with a standing ovation for her pugilistic prowess in front of the Michigan Legislature, and when she landed after her incredible triumph in London in Flint, it seemed like half the city that has had so much misfortune showed up to support it’s brightest ray of light.  Claressa became one of the 2012 London Olympics most remarkable story lines when in a brutal sport known for bring the fiercest competitors to their knees, she as a woman, helped claim victory in the first Olympics featuring Woman’s Boxing for the USA, and became a household name overnight.  Shields’ story is the stuff of which Olympic coverage is made. She has an inspirational tale of overcoming a tough life in a rough city with a father who excelled in the same sport before repeated incarcerations. She entered London having never lost. The softly lit, piano-driven feature practically produces itself.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats with one of America’s brightest Olympic stars Claressa Shields right after her return to Flint, MI as a hero, as she gets a much deserved rest from her Gold Medal Victory, to talk about representing her country to Olympic Gold, what lies ahead for the 17 year old superstar, her relationship with her Coach, and soo much more!!  What a wonderful young woman and pioneer in her sport!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!