Living Her Life “Off Balance” With Olympic Gold Medal Champion Dominique Moceanu

Dominique Moceanu is one of America’s most decorated and revered Olympic Champions.  She was the face of the only American Gymnastics Team to ever bring home a Gold Medal, aptly nicknamed “The Magnificent 7”, who captured the Gold Medal in 1996 in Atlanta.  She was the all-around silver medalist at the 1992 Junior Pan Am Games and the 1994 junior U.S. National Champion. In 1995, at the age of 13½, she became the youngest gymnast ever to win the senior all-around title at the U.S. National Championships. She was the youngest member of both the 1995 World Championships team and the gold medal-winning 1996 Olympic squad,  and was popular with both the public and with gymnastics fans.  Before the Olympics, she was featured in Vanity Fair and wrote an autobiography, Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion which ranked number seven on the New York Times’ Best Sellers List.Dominique was also the youngest person ever featured on the cover of the Wheaties Box.

But with all that success, there were many private and public demons that were brought to light through the years, including a sister named Jen who was born without legs and who she re-connected with in 2007 in nothing less then a Hollywood-Like story, a brutal and abusive upbringing with her strict parents and one of the world’s most recognizable coaches Bela Karolyi, a public and messy trial for her emancipation from her parents, and the dark underbelly of Gymnastics that haunted her throughout her life.  Now she shares it in her incredible new memoir which just also became a NY Times Bestseller “Off Balance” which has received incredible reviews and has led her on a National Media Blitz on TV, Radio, and Print.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of America’s great champions in NYC right after her appearances on Good Morning America and 20/20 to talk about her new memoir “Off Balance”, the real world behind the scenes of Gymnastics, what it was like being an International star at such an early age, the Hollywood-Like journey to finding her sister Jen, the transition to becoming a mother and wife, and sooo much more!!  Dominique is an absolute sweetheart and an amazing woman and champion both on and off the ma.  A true role model for every young woman growing up on learning how to handle pressure and expectations with class and grace!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!


Here is Dominique telling her incredible story on Good Morning America and 20/20:

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And for more Dominique, here is my unedited interview with her!