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From Super Bowl Champion To Super Singer: My Sit Down With Ben Utecht (Super Bowl Champion Tight End From The Indianapolis Colts)

This is such a heart warming story, one that landed on the cover of USA Today last month, because in an age where we see

February 22, 2012 Athletes, Music

Sitting Down With The Greatest Philadelphia Flyer Of All Time: My Interview With Hall Of Fame Goalie Bernie Parent (2-Time Stanley Cup Champion)

There are certain moments in your life that put goose bumps on your arms, because of the unique and unbelievable fashion in which a certain

January 16, 2012 Athletes, Celebrities, Charity, TV
mac nws Bruce Mowday

Getting “Philadelphia’s Most Beloved Athlete” Richie Ashburn Into The Hall Of Fame With Bestselling Author Bruce Mowday

Philadelphia Magazine just released a list of it’s all time beloved sports figures in the city’s history, and sitting atop that list was the great

January 11, 2012 Athletes, Authors

Making “Stuntin’ A Habit” With Hip Hop Star David Banner (Grammy Award Winning Artist And Producer)

He has been one of my favorite artists for the last decade with hits like “Like A Pimp”, “Stuntin’ Is A Habit”, “Get Like Me

December 26, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities, Charity, Music

“Can’t Wait” With All Pro Linebacker Bart Scott, Eric LeGrand (Sports Illustrated Moment Of The Year 2011), And The New York Jets

One of the greatest gifts that any celebrity or athlete can give outside of winning championships for their city, is using their status to give

December 21, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities, Charity

Going Toe To Toe With Boxing Legend “Irish” Micky Ward (Basis Of The Oscar Winning “The Fighter”)

The word courage is one of the most overused words in sports, but when it comes to describing Micky Ward, one of the greatest boxing

December 06, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities

Eradicating Prostate Cancer With Michael Milken (Philanthropist/Humanitarian)

I am in awe of Michael Milken ( and his quest to cure Cancer. No One has done more to accomplish it! A 2004 article

October 05, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities, Charity, TV

Running The Fastbreak With Jennifer Williams (Star Of VH1’s #1 Show, “BasketBall Wives”): Also Featuring An Interview With Kijafa Frink (PNK Elephant/Mike Vick’s Fiancee’)

She is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous (My jaw hit the ground when I first met her, and I told her “If this show didn’t

September 15, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities, TV

Feeling “Invincible” with Philadelphia Eagles Great: Vince Papale (Basis of Disney’s #1 Movie “Invincible”)

Here’s when you know you’ve led a “Great” and “Inspirational” life…When the largest movie company in the world, namely Disney, makes a movie about your

August 31, 2011 Athletes, Authors, Celebrities

On The Red Carpet With The Philadelphia Phillies (Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Roy Oswalt, and Kyle Kendrick): Featuring Interviews With Danny Bonaduce and Vince Papale

It’s a pretty cool night when you get to interview some of the biggest stars on the soon to be 2 time World Champion Philadelphia

August 28, 2011 Athletes, Celebrities
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