Sitting Down With The Heart And Soul Of The Philadelphia Phillies

Every championship team has that one guy who exemplifies the spirit and will of the team to win and helps define it’s personality more then any other player.  For the Yankees it’s Derek Jeter.  For the Red Sox it’s David Ortiz.  And for The Philadelphia Phillies, it’s Jimmy Rollins.  Jimmy has been the engine that has made the Phillies go for years, having achieved status as one of the game’s best shortstops, and winning an MVP award, being named an All Star, and of course helping bring a World Series Championship to Philadelphia.  He is now one of the elder statesman of the team, and has helped guide the Phillies to becoming one of baseball’s biggest powerhouses over the last several seasons, while also becoming one of Philadelphia’s most beloved athletes, and with that has developed a mission of giving back creating the The Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation dedicated to helping children with severe arthritis.  Something tells me that he will win an MVP for this cause as well!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of Philadelphia’s most respected and revered sports figures at an event for the Rollins Family Foundation at the ultra popular Yakitori Boy to talk about his wonderful career playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, what some of his most memorable moments in his career have been, what it was like making it to the majors as a “Little Guy” (My Words), the inspiration behind the absolutely delicious “J-Roll” (A sushi roll made in his honor with proceeds benefiting the Foundation) which we made sure to devour in the interview, and sooo much more!  Jimmy is one of the nicest, most humble, and most personable professional athletes you will encounter, and the crazy thing was that his beautiful wife Johari actually went into labor during our interview which forced him to leave as soon as we were done..An enormous thank you to Greta (Lotus Event Designs) and Wanda Mora for helping set this up.  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And an enormous thank you to HughE Dillon ( and Mike Jerrick at FOX for sharing my interview on FOX’s Good Day Philadelphia the next morning:

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