The Secrets Behind “Starting And Closing”

World Series Champion. Check!  Only Pitcher With 200 Wins and 150 Saves. Check!  Cy Young Award Winner. Check!  3000 Strikeouts. Check!  8 Time All Star. Check!  First Ballot Hall Of Fame Resume. Check!  One of the Greatest Pitchers Of Our Generation. Check!  With all that being said, the amazing thing that you find out about the incomparable John Smoltz in his incredible new memoir “Starting and Closing”, is that none of that defines him as a player or person.  He is a man that cared more about other things.  Winning.  The Atlanta Braves.  Christianity.  Perseverance and the will to overcome fear and obstacles. Setting a good example.  It’s what he refers to as “Doing it the right way”, and after reading this book you will see why John not only did it right, but he should serve as an example for every current and aspiring athlete of what it is to conduct yourself with class and lead a wonderful career and life.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down in NYC with one of his favorite baseball players and soon to be First Ballot Hall Of Famer, John Smoltz, to talk about his wonderfully inspiring memoir “Starting and Closing”, his incredible run as one of Baseball’s great pitchers of this generation and the various potential career threatening injuries that he overcame to end his career his way, what faith and Christianity have meant in his life and career, the famous “Ironing With His Shirt On” incident, why he turned down a lucrative contract from the NY Yankees to stay with The Atlanta Braves, the transition from being an elite athlete to the broadcasting booth, how he would define himself, and soo much more!!  It was such an honor to sit with an athlete who I have watched and admired since I was a kid, but even more importantly after reading “Starting and Closing” and chatting with him, I admire him as a man even more…Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is John Smoltz on CBS This Morning with Gayle King right before sitting down with me today…Class Act!!