Metta World Peace is not only one of the NBA’s most popular and unique players, but also one of my personal favorites because everyone knows that I am a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan, and Metta brings the defensive intensity and toughness that makes him one of the team’s most valuable assets.  As a former Defensive Player Of The Year, and reputation as the NBA’s best ball on ball defender, Metta rose from NYC playground legend to NBA All Star, and now is a starter for a team favored to win the Championship alongside Future Hall Of Famers Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash.   Anyone who has watched Metta throughout his career, has watched his evolution as a person as well as a player, when in 2011 he was awarded The J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award  for “outstanding service and dedication to the community”.  Now with his MWP (Mind, Wellness, and Performance) Movement and Artest Foundation (Run by his father Ron Artest Sr.),  Metta wants to continue to strengthen the community and use his platform as an athlete and celebrity to do good.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” spends the afternoon with one of his favorite athletes Metta World Peace in NYC to interview and do a community walk with him for his MWP Workout Organization through Central Park, and we talk about his incredible career, the ability to give back through MWP and the Artest Foundation, the pick ups of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash for the Lakers, and soo much more!!  It’s great to see someone a World Champion like Metta World Peace who wants to give so much back to the community, and serve as a great example for children both on and off the court!  Enjoy Kade Nation!

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