As a Navy Pilot who flew 39 missions in Iraq, and Commander of the last voyage of the Space Shuttle Endeavour for NASA, Captain Mark Kelly has proven to America his worth as a courageous officer.  With the tragic assassination attempt on his incredible and inspirational wife, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, on January 8th, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, they then showed us what it was to be a true hero, and what it means to overcome the most dire of circumstances.  Today, they are a national example of the healing power to be found in deeply shared love and courage. Their arrival in the world spotlight came under the worst of circumstances when while meeting with her constituents in Tucson, Arizona, Gabby was the victim of an assassination attempt that left six people dead and thirteen wounded. Gabby was shot in the head; doctors called her survival “miraculous”.  We as a country saw their painstaking battle back to health and normality.

Since commanding the last voyage of Endeavour, Mark has retired from NASA to help take care of Gabby as she recovers from this horrific event that became the biggest story in the country and Gabby has also stepped down from Congress, but not before being greeted by a roaring standing ovation that would bring anyone to tears.  With the release of their first book “A Story Of Courage And Hope” which became a NY Times Bestseller, they shared their story, but now Mark has released an amazing children’s book called “Mousetronaut” which will hopefully inspire the many children that read it to be the caliber of individual that he is.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” has the honor of sitting down with one of his personal heroes in NYC, Captain Mark Kelly, to talk about his new children’s book “Mousetronaut”,  how Gabby is doing in her recovery, what it was like when Gabby was almost killed in Tucson, what inspired him to write this story about a mouse, what it’s like going into space, his feeling in educating the American Youth, whether he would run for office himself, and soo much more!  What a true honor to sit down with this remarkable man!

Here are some of Mark’s recent TV Appearances on The Colbert Report and Fox And Friends:

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