Outside of being the great granddaughter of America’s 31st President Herbert Hoover, Margaret Hoover has become one of the country’s best young Republican minds as an analyst/pundit for CNN, and bestselling author.  Margaret is a veteran of the Bush Administration White House, two presidential campaigns, and a former staffer on Capitol Hill.  Her work is committed to renewing the Republican Party to enable it to connect with a new generation of Americans, even as it remains true to the principles of individual freedom and fiscal conservatism and continues to champion a robust U.S. foreign policy.  She serves on the advisory council of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and GOProud, as well as on the boards of the Hoover Institution, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association, and the Belgian American Educational Foundation.  Before becoming one of CNN’s most popular voices, she was a political commentator for Fox News, where, as one of Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warriors she regularly championed the conservative cause.

In her book American Individualism, Margaret Hoover challenges the up-and-coming millennial generation to take another look at the Republican Party. Although “Millennials” rarely identify themselves as Republicans, Hoover contends that these young men and women who helped elect President Barack Obama are sympathetic to the fundamental principles of conservatism. She makes a compelling case for how the GOP can right itself and capture the allegiance of this group. She believes that her party is uniquely positioned to offer solutions for the most pressing problems facing America—skyrocketing debt and deficits, crises in education and immigration, a war against Islamist supremacy—but that it is held back by the outsize influence within the party of social and religious conservatives.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with CNN’s rising Republican star pundit, Margaret Hoover, to talk about her book “American Individualism”, the needed modernization of the Republican Party, how they can reclaim the “Millennial” vote, the reasons behind the Mitt Romney landslide lost, if the Republican party is too old, and how she used her presidential lineage and learning’s to help guide her to some of her conclusions.  Margaret is a bright mind that is the future of the Republican Party, and it was great to see her energy and knowledge in person.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here is Margaret on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher right before sitting with me: