Times they are a changin’, and acclaimed journalist Hanna Rosin, senior editor of The Atlantic and creator of DoubleX (Slate’s site for women), has written a brilliant book telling us about it.  In 2010, Rosin headlined the first TED women’s conference, held in Washington, D.C. She has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and the Today Show. In 2009 she was nominated for a National Magazine Award for her Atlantic story about transgendered children, “A Boy’s Life.” In 2010 she won the award as part of a package of stories in New York magazine about circumcision. Her stories have been included in anthologies of Best American Magazine Writing 2009 and Best American Crime Reporting 2009. She is also the author of God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America.

In “The End Of Men”, Hanna shows us the way in which women have begun to overtake men in various aspects of life, in the dynamic of the household, and create a new type of inequality amongst the genders.  From her website:

Men have been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. And yet, as journalist Hanna Rosin discovered, that long-held truth is no longer true. At this unprecedented moment, women are no longer merely gaining on men; they have pulled decisively ahead by almost every measure. Already “the end of men”—the phrase Rosin coined—has entered the lexicon as indelibly as Betty Friedan’s “feminine mystique,” Simone de Beauvoir’s “second sex,” Susan Faludi’s “backlash,” and Naomi Wolf’s “beauty myth” have.

This landmark, once-in-a-generation book will take its place alongside the works of those authors, forever changing the way we talk about men and women and what happens between them. Rosin reveals how the new world order came to be, and how it is dramatically shifting dynamics in every arena and at every level of society, with profound implications for marriage, sex, children, work, and more. With wide-ranging curiosity and insight unhampered by assumptions or ideology, Rosin shows how the radically different ways men and women today earn, learn, spend, couple up—even kill—has turned the big picture upside down, not just in the United States but all over the world. And in The End of Men she helps us see how both men and women can adapt to the new reality and channel it for a better future.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible Hanna Rosin in NYC right after her appearance on the Today Show to talk about her wonderful new book “The End Of Men”, how women are continuing to surpass men in pretty much every area, what inspired her to write this book, how this male/female dynamic is changing in her own household, if it really is the end of my gender, and soo much more!  “The End Of Men” is a groundbreaking book, and an incredible read, so make sure to pick it up!  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here is Hanna Rosin on NBC’s Today Show right before chatting with me!

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