Ann Patchett is one of America’s great writers whose new book “State Of Wonder” has just come out to incredible reviews! She is the author of five novels: the New York Times bestselling Run; The Patron Saint of Liars, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year; Taft, which won the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize; The Magician’s Assistant; and Bel Canto, which won the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Orange Prize, the BookSense Book of the Year, and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. She is also the author of two works of nonfiction: the New York Times bestselling Truth & Beauty and What Now? Patchett has written for many publications, including the Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s Magazine, Gourmet, the New York Times, Vogue, and the Washington Post. And even more interestingly, outside of her incredible literary career, she also has helped further a cause for the existence of Independent Book Stores using her own store, Parnassus Books, in her hometown of Nashville, TN as a great example, and spoke very heavily about this on Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report” the night before I interviewed her (She was such a tremendous guest leaving him tongue tied twice!) and the story was featured on the cover of the NY Times.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible author and book store owner, Ann Patchett, to discuss her new book “State Of Wonder”, her incredibly fun and awesome appearance on “The Colbert Report”, what prompted her to open Parnassus Books and further the Independent Book Store cause, and sooo much more!  On a personal note, Ann is the best!! She is so witty, intelligent and charming, and it was such a tremendous joy to interview her!!  An enormous thank you to Jane Beirn At HarperCollins for putting this together on such short notice…  Enjoy Kade Nation!

And Here is Ann doing an incredible job on “The Colbert Report” the night before I interviewed her!

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Ann Patchett
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