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With her newest book “The Melt Method” reaching #3 on the NY Times Bestseller List, and a revolutionary series of techniques and treatments that help with pain control and body maintenance, Sue Hitzmann has become one of the country’s most respected and revered somatic-movement educators and manual therapists.

Here’s a great synopsis from Sue’s website about what to expect with her incredible new book The MELT Method:

“It’s a bold statement, but with her revolutionary MELT Method®, manual therapist Sue Hitzmann is making a healthier, pain-free body accessible to anyone with a few minutes to spare. Countless other programs focus on strengthening muscles or increasing flexibility, but MELT is the first to recognize the crucial role of the body’s connective tissue.

Through a series of easy, precise techniques that use soft body rollers and small balls, this groundbreaking program quickly rehydrates connective tissue, which allows the body to release long-held tension. This “stuck stress” – created by the repetitive motions and postures of daily living – is the true cause of most common aches, pains, and chronic symptoms. MELT also rebalances the nervous system and boosts the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.

In The MELT Method, you’ll learn:

the new science behind how MELT works, what really causes pain, and how you can become pain-free – even if you have a longstanding or chronic pain issue
how to MELT by following easy, step-by-step directions and photographs to get immediate, long-lasting results
how to become your own Hands Off Bodyworker®, no matter what your level of fitness
self-care plans specifically designed for chronic pain, pregnancy and postpartum, illness, injury, surgery, diseases and disorders (such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome), as well as proactive wellness
treatments for trigger finger, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas

MELT is the first self-treatment method that simulates the hands-on techniques that Hitzmann uses to eliminate accumulated stress, pain, and dysfunction in her private clients. MELT has helped Sue’s clients and students avoid surgery, shed excess body fat, regain mobility and flexibility, and even progress from “bad knees” to marathon training. Now anyone can benefit from the same techniques that have made MELT a red-hot word-of-mouth success.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” gets a first hand look at The MELT Method #InTheLab from the creator herself as she gives me not only a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect from her fabulous new book, but also treats me on my always sore back and shoulders LIVE!

Here is Sue Hitzmann on Better TV and Dr. Oz discussing and demonstrating The MELT Method:

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