Dr. Richard Keeling and Richard Hersh are really doing some outstanding work in trying to improve the American Higher Education System!  Their new book ‘We’re Losing Our Minds” is an amazing look at the problems right now with the system and step by step ways to improve it.  Here is their bio from their website for Keeling And Associates that will give you a better understanding of the outstanding work they are doing, some recent press they have had and an incredible appearance by Richard Hersh on “The Colbert Report” right before sitting down with me and this wonderful interview with Dr. Rich Keeling in their West Village NYC office!


Our mission is to improve outcomes in higher education by creating change for learning.


Our primary purpose is to help colleges and universities improve the quality and quantity of student learning. We serve that purpose through the projects we do for clients, the work we do in collaboration with national organizations, and our own scholarship and writing. Every project we undertake — from academic and strategic planning to strengthening student services — is intended to support higher learning in higher education.


Keeling and Associates was founded in 1984, when Richard P. Keeling, M.D. began working with colleges and universities to strengthen health-related programs and services. Recognizing the close relationship between health and learning, the company soon broadened its focus to include not only the many components of the student experience, but also the factors that influenced learning itself, and the quality of the campus learning environment. As K&A grew, senior consultants with deep academic, Student Affairs, and administrative expertise strengthened and diversified our project teams. Today, K&A provides a full spectrum of consulting services to colleges and universities. Over 27 years of practice, we have worked with more than 500 institutions in North America and abroad, as well as several higher education professional organizations.

K&A led the development of a series of monographs that encourage the use of all the resources of institutions of higher education to support student learning: Learning Reconsidered (2004), Learning Reconsidered 2 (2006), and Assessment Reconsidered (2008). Drs. Keeling and Hersh have written our signature book, We’re Losing Our Minds: Rethinking American Higher Education, to be published in 2011.

Here is Richard Hersh on The Colbert Report:

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 And some recent press:

David Brooks New York Times column of 04/20/2012, “Testing the Teachers:”

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