There is no more plugged in or respected voice when it comes to what’s happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia, then Ahmed Rashid.  He has become the literary and journalistic face of the region and as Christopher Hitchens stated “Is Pakistan’s best and bravest reporter”. His unique knowledge of this vast and complex region allows him a panoramic vision and nuance that no Western writer can emulate.  His books, “Taliban” (#1 NY Times Bestseller), “Descent Into Chaos” (Another Bestseller), “Jihad”, “The Resurgence Of Central Asia”, and now “Pakistan On The Brink”, as well as frequent TV appearances on CNN, MSNBC, BBC,  Jon Stewart, etc.., and pieces for The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, BBC, The Nation, etc.. have made Rashid the go-to source for what is happening in possibly the most unstable part of the world, and even more amazing, is that he does this in a region where reporters are killed and threatened regularly.  He was just ranked #51 on the “100 Top Thinkers In the World” by Foreign Policy Magazine, and after you watch this interview, you will understand why there is no one better equipped to give you the most insightful and vivid look into a region being torn apart as we speak.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the renowned journalist and author to talk with him about his new book “Pakistan On The Brink”, the instability and long term approach to fixing the problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan, how the US Government has played a role in the mess over there, and soooo much more!  I thought I knew what was going on over there, but after reading Rashid’s fabulous new book, I feel like I gained an exponential amount of insight and knowledge that left me scared but hopeful at the same time.  This is a brilliant man, risking his life and giving us a view into a foreign world that we may never understand, so enjoy Kade Nation!!   An enormous thank you to my friends at Big Machine Media In NYC for their studio for shooting and Gabrielle Gantz At Viking for her help!