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Temple Grandin has become perhaps the world’s most famous advocate and spokesperson for Autism. Dr. Grandin is a noted autistic who is an author, speaker, cited expert in many publications, and video producer, who became a world wide name with the HBO Documentary “Temple Grandin”, starring Claire Danes. In that film, Temple’s courageous life was brought to the big screen which was nominated for 15 Emmys, winning 7, including a Best Actress Emmy and Golden Globe for Danes, but even before that incredible portrait of Temple’s life, she had revolutionized the way we house and treat livestock and cattle, as well as becoming a National Bestselling Author of sharing her story of achievement and discovery through dealing with Autism, and earning an unending amount of accolades including being named as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The World in 2010 under the section of “Heroes”. Temple has appeared on countless TV Shows including Lisa Davis’s It’s Your Health, ABC’s Primetime Live, the Today Show, Larry King Live, the NPR show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and written up in Time magazine, People magazine, Discover magazine, Forbes and The New York Times.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats #InTheLab with the remarkable Temple Grandin about her newest bestselling book “The Autistic Brain”. We discuss the research and latest developments around Autism, how Autism can be easily misdiagnosed, how many of Silicon Valley’s most successful people may have been Autistic, how she shared her own brain scans and life knowledge in the book, and so much more! Temple is truly one of the most inspirational and incredible people in the world.