“Trainspotting” is one of our generation’s great works of literature, which was adapted into a hit movie by the then relatively unknown Danny Boyle (Yes, THAT Danny Boyle), and which made Irvine Welsh one of the literary world’s great rock stars.  There are few if any authors who are as raw, as colorful, or as adept in allowing the reader to see the flaws and insides of his characters then Welsh.  When “Trainspotting” was published in 1993 Irvine Welsh shot to fame.  More books have followed, “Ecstasy” becoming the first paperback original to go straight in at #1 on the Sunday Times best-sellers list, a feat emulated by Filth, which became Welsh’s highest selling book after Trainspotting, and which has been into a movie as well starring James McAvoy and Alan Cumming. His first novel has now sold almost 1 million copies in the UK alone and is a worldwide phenomenon.  Now with his prequel to “Trainspotting”, called “SkagBoys”, we get to see the Trainspotting crew develop into the heroin using, raw and unfiltered entity that has made them one of the most popular characters of my generation.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of the world’s most unique literary geniuses in NYC to talk about “Trainspotting”, the just released prequel “SkagBoys”, his own childhood growing up in Edinburgh, what it was like shooting to fame with the success of “Trainspotting”, and soo much more!  “Trainspotting” was a true cultural and literary phenomenon that resonated with the lives of so many children growing up including myself, so chatting with Irvine was an absolute joy!  Enjoy Kade Nation!