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Jen Kirkman has established herself as one of television’s funniest stars, as one of the regular panelists on E!’s hit shows Chelsea Lately and After Lately.  Jen is also a successful stand-up comedian, writer, and actress well known for the award-winning short series, Drunk History. She has two comedy albums, Self-Help and Hail to the Freaks.  Now with her hilarious and all revealing new book, “I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself”, she hopes to add NY Times Bestseller to her resume.  Here is some of the great feedback on the book:

“Jen Kirkman has written an excellent—and very funny—guide to promote not having children. Thanks girl, for saving me the time.” (Chelsea Handler )

“If you’ve ever been told you’d ‘change your mind’ about anything in life—when you knew that you wouldn’t—this book is for you. Jen has a unique, fresh and funny way of reminding people that sometimes, you really do know what’s best for you. I’m glad she didn’t change her mind about writing this smart, brave, and heartfelt book.” (Sarah Colonna comedian and New York Times bestselling author of Life As I Blow It )

“Boldly funny without being anti-mom.” (InTouch magazine )

“Very funny. . . . the core of the book is about not wanting to have children, and the ways in which society gets up in your face about it . . . I laughed out loud several times.” ( )

“This book takes you through the journey of Jen Kirkman’s misunderstood child-free life. I’m now convinced of two things: Jen is freaking hilarious and she should definitely not have a baby—she should have a Valium.” (Whitney Cummings creator of Two Broke Girls and Whitney )

“Jen Kirkman’s wickedly original yet totally universal debut about the expectations of others kicks so much ass you’ll agree with her even when you don’t. Not for the stupidly over-sensitive. For lovers of great!” (Greg Behrendt #1 New York Times bestselling author of He’s Just Not That Into You )

“A seriously humorous stance on deciding not to have kids. . . . With the novelist’s penchant for self-flagellation and exploitation, and jokes punctuating at least every page, this book is ideal for the woman who needs a quick comeback for those who criticize her about not wanting kids, or for those just looking to laugh.” (Publisher’s Weekly )

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down #InTheLab with the hilarious Jen Kirkman to talk about her new book “I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself”, working on one of television’s great shows E!’s “Chelsea Lately”, why she is sure she doesn’t want to have children, how fame has changed her life, and so much more!