How many people can say that they authored a book that globally outsold Harry Potter in any given year?  Well, for Australian Cooking Queen, Kim McCosker, her book “4 Ingredients” and the series that has followed has become the bestselling cookbook series in Australia over the last decade, and has placed her at the forefront to become the next big culinary “Global Brand” alongside Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, etc…, and all this in just 4 years!!!!  From a concept that was rejected by every publisher in Australia, Kim decided to self-publish and 4.5 Million Copies sold later (Including a book co-authored with the incomparable Deepak Chopra), she has become the Australian culinary face of simplicity, in-expensiveness, and ease in cooking for the everyday person, and now she is crossing over in a big way to the US after conquering abroad.   I interviewed her in NYC following her awesome demonstration with Kathie Lee and Hoda on “The Today Show”, and all I can say is that outside of being in awe of her as a self-made culinary empire, Kim is one of the sweetest, most humble, genuine, and just plainly awesome people you will ever meet who just has “Star” written all over her!!  Check out her website for more info, charity information, and recipes linked here!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here are some of the recent accomplishments for Kim and “4 Ingredients”

  • Become the co-author of the biggest selling self-published title in Australian history with over 2,500,000 sales of our first cookbook 4 Ingredients
  • Having the biggest selling book (across all genres) in 2008, even outselling J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Film two TV Series for the Lifestyle Channel on Cable TV, that has now been sold into 22 countries around the world, in a number of languages
  • Released five more 4 Ingredients branded cookbooks and written a further two cookbooks to be released by Christmas 2011
  • Launched 4 Ingredients into the UK and Ireland and more recently the USA
  • Sold Foreign Rights into 6 languages
  • Released a cookware range, 4 Ingredients by Silverstone
  • Developed an iPhone app that has had over 35,200 downloads
  • Fulfill demanding roles as Australian Ambassador for both Citrus Australia and Gourmet Garden
  • Won a Toastmasters International Area 22 Golden Gavel Award for excellence in Public Speaking
  • Develop a cutting edge eBook library that will go live in 2011 and will lead the way in online cookbook publishing.

And here is Kim cooking with “4 Ingredients” on “The Today Show” right before I interviewed her in NYC:

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