No one has ever written a more comprehensive and detailed look into the CIA then Pulitzer Prize Winner and former NY Times Reporter Tim Weiner, who with his book “Legacy Of Ashes: The History Of The CIA” won the National Book Award In Non-Fiction, and now he has returned to the table to provide the most in depth look into the secretive history of the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover ever written with his newest book, the now NY Times Bestseller “Enemies Of The State: A History Of The FBI”.  Tim Weiner’s latest book, traces the history of the FBI’s secret intelligence operations, from the bureau’s creation in the early 20th century through its ongoing fight in the current war on terrorism. He explains how Hoover’s increasing concerns about communist threats against the United States led to the FBI’s secret intelligence operations against anyone deemed “subversive.”  Weiner has long been considered one of America’s leading journalists having built an incredible reputation in being awarded Journalism’s top distinction, The Pulitzer Prize, for his work as an investigative reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, for his articles on the black budget spending at the Pentagon and the CIA, and then as one of the Nation’s most respected Foreign and Security Correspondents at The New York Times, and with “Enemies” he was truly gone far deeper into the ultra secretive world of the FBI then anyone before him while being able to view Classified Documents never revealed to the public.  There is no book like “Enemies” that has ever been written around the FBI, so put on your seat belt and get ready to see the true inside world of one of America’s most unique organizations.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliant Pulitzer Prize winner at his apartment in NYC right after his tremendous appearance on The Daily Show With John Stewart to talk about his new book, the real story behind J. Edgar Hoover who in many ways is one of America’s most famous political figure, how much power did J. Edgar really yield, the TRUE power of information in Washington and politics, whether or not Tim ever gets scared writing about the FBI, and sooo much more!!  This interview is loaded with so much information and such a wonderful look into the history, purpose, and personalities in the political world that you will come away with a completely different perspective on what really goes on behind the scenes in Washington and who is really pulling the strings of power.  Enjoy Kade Nation, and an enormous thank you to Tim Weiner for doing this, and Giselle for setting it up!!

And here is Tim On with Jon Stewart right before sitting down with me!

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Tim Weiner
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