Fred Guterl is the executive editor of Scientific American and is the former deputy editor of Newsweek. His writing and editing have contributed to numerous awards and nominations from the American Society of Magazine Editors. His article “Riddles in the Sand,” in Discover, was named best magazine article in 1998 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and his Newsweek article “The Wasteland,” on Russia’s plan to accept the world’s nuclear waste, was honored by the Overseas Press Club for environmental writing.  He is an award winning journalist who has been writing about science for more than 25 years. During the 2000s he was deputy editor at Newsweek International, and before that worked at various times as an editor of Discover and IEEE Spectrum. He also did a short stint at IBM under Lou Gerstner and worked as a foreign correspondent based in London, England. He just released his new bestselling book which landed him on an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart right before sitting with me his titled “The Fate Of The Species” and here is the description:

The sixth “mass extinction event” in the history of planet Earth is currently under way, with over two hundred species dying off every day. The cause of this seismic event is also the source of the single biggest threat to human life: our own inventions.

But for all our talk about sea levels and biotechnology, do we really know what our future will actually look like? Will our immune systems be attacked by so-called super bugs, always evolving, and more easily spread than ever? Will the disappearance of numerous species cripple the biosphere? And if it does, what happens then? In this provocative, gripping book, Scientific American editor Fred Guterl explores these and other looming scenarios in vivid detail—the way they might really happen—and then proffers the means to avoid them.

We find ourselves in a trap: Technology got us into this mess, and it’s also the only thing that can help us survive it. Guterl’s riveting book is a grand and necessary thought experiment, not merely a scary story, but a fresh perspective on the world we’re remaking, and a route to safe harbor.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with Scientific American Executive Editor Fred Guterl in NYC right after his appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to talk about his super cool new book “The Fate Of The Species”!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

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Fred Guterl
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