Marianne Williamson is a #1 NY Times Bestselling author, an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer, and one of the truly most remarkable people on this planet.  Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A Return to Love is considered a must-read of The New Spirituality and arguably the most important pioneering book ever written for New Age faith learning.  Marianne’s other books include The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s WorthIlluminataHealing the Soul of America, A Course in Weight Loss, and The Gift of Change.

Marianne is a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose. In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. Marianne also founded the Department of Peace Campaign, a grass roots campaign to establish a United States Department of Peace.   In December 2006, a NEWSWEEK magazine poll named Marianne Williamson one of the fifty most influential baby boomers. According to Time magazine, “Yoga, the Cabala and Marianne Williamson have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the remarkable Marianne Williamson to talk about her newest masterpiece “The Law Of Divine Compensation”, her brilliant career and positive influence on the world, her relationship with Oprah, how she would define herself, and soo much more!  There is no one like Marianne Williamson.  She has long been one of my idols, and is someone who should be revered and idolized (She would never use that word which is what is so cool about her) for the wonderful work and positive message she brings to this world.  This was an honor and a blessing to sit with her.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here are some of Marianne Williamson’s latest appearances on Oprah (Who just devoted a 2 Hour Special to “A Return To Love)!  REMARKABLE HUMAN BEING!!

Twenty years ago, Marianne Williamson’s Oprah Show appearance launched a phenomenon. Now, Oprah is sitting down with Marianne, the author of A Return to Love, for a new, can’t-miss interview. Watch a preview of their conversation about life’s big questions.

Here is Marianne talking about “The Law Of Divine Compensation”