When you think of American Royalty, the closest that this country has come to that premise is “The Kennedys”, and America’s first Prince was most certainly John F. Kennedy Jr.  He defined the package of everything that every man wanted to be: Handsome, Smart, Ambitious, Charming, and was America’s most beloved guy from the moment he saluted as young boy at the funeral for his father, President John F. Kennedy, to the moment that America had lost it’s favorite son and his elegant and beautiful wife in a horrific plane crash.  Few knew what it was like inside the incomparable world of JFK Jr., but one person who most certainly did was his longtime assistant and co-collaborator at George Magazine, PR Magnate Rosemarie Terenzio.  She was his right hand (wo)man, and was given an uninhibited look into the life of our generation’s great Prince, and now is sharing it in our NY Times Bestselling book “FairyTale Interrupted”.  RoseMarie has become one of NYC’s PR Powerhouses, but her experiences with the ultra-private JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette will last a lifetime!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible RoseMarie Terenzio right before her second appearance on Good Morning America (She has been featured on every major talk show including GMA, Piers Morgan, The View, etc. since the books release this year) to talk about her wonderful book “Fairytale Interrupted”, what it was like inside the world of America’s favorite son, the ambitions and dreams of JFK Jr., how she kept him in line by being “real” with him, her feelings the day that he died, and so much more!!  Few people have ever had the access into a life as unique as JFK Jr.’s, but it easy to see why he cared for her so much!  She is beyond awesome, and has done his life and legacy justice with her book!  Enjoy Kade Nation!

And here is RoseMarie on Good Morning America right after sitting with me last week!
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And here is RoseMarie On The View and Piers Morgan as well!