There are few awards in this world that as soon as you say you won it, it automatically gets a reaction of “Are you kidding me?!?!” from the person across from you, but winning a Pulitzer Prize in the literary world is the equivalent of winning an Oscar in the acting world.  Well, John Matteson, can say that he won the prized Pulitzer for his incredible book “Eden’s Outcast: The Story Of Louisa May Alcott And Her Father” (Everyone will remember Louisa as being the famous novelist who wrote “Little Women”), and now he returns with a new book, telling the story of one of the most fascinating and brilliant pioneers in the Feminism movement, the “Susan Sontag” of Nineteenth Century America, but yet someone who unfortunately has remained relatively unknown because of the Era in which she lived her remarkable life, the incomparable Margaret Fuller.  In his book “The Lives Of Margaret Fuller”, Matteson takes you through the complexities and struggles of the country’s first true feminist, perhaps the most famous woman of her generation, dealing with her inability to surpass and get recognition along the same lines as her male colleagues, her troubles in love, becoming the first true “Foreign Correspondent” in American history, all ending in a premature death at 40 years old fading a shooting star into relative obscurity.  It is truly one of the most unique collection of various lives lived all bundled into one person, and there is no one better that could have told this story then the Pulitzer Prize winner himself.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliant author and professor at John Jay College to talk about his new book and the journey/movement that was Margaret Fuller, why her brilliant life has existed in relative obscurity, what it was like for him to win the ultimate award, whether he would take on the task of writing my biography, and sooo much more!!  John is not only a brilliant man and writer, but a super charismatic and awesome guy, and it was such a joy and honor to sit down and speak with him (An enormous thank you to John because he is also the first interviewee that has ever gone 3 takes with me in an interview, because I kept screwing up due to the massive cold I was battling)!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!