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As one of soap’s most popular actresses playing Drucilla Winters on the iconic “The Young and The Restless” as well as co-starring in the hit show “Diagnosis Murder”, Victoria Rowell is no stranger to the dramatic twists and turns both on and off of the big screen.  As a NY Times Bestselling author and novelist, she has given us a look inside both her actual life in her memoir “The Women Who Raised Me” as well as ficticious look with “Secrets Of A Soap Opera Diva”. The memoir received The African American Literary Award and two NAACP Image Award nominations in the literary category, and she walked away with a statuette for Outstanding Literary Work/Debut Author.  Now with her newest novel, “The Young and The Ruthless”, “leading lady Calysta Jeffries is back and now, after a brief stint in drug rehab, Calysta is back on the set and ready for action as she resumes her role as the star of The Rich and the Ruthless. But not everyone in the cast and crew is happy to have the diva back. As soon as she wraps her first return episode, some of her fellow colleagues and cast members are conspiring, once again, to sabotage her career. She’s already survived amnesia, an alien abduction, and death three times over—but all that and a real-life alcohol abuse problem couldn’t keep Calysta down. So her enemies come up with the nastiest plan ever devised. They invite Calysta’s beautiful daughter Ivy to audition for The Rich and the Ruthless and offer her a role alongside her very competitive mother, turning Calysta’s whole world upside down”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot sits down #InTheLab with the beautiful and talented Victoria Rowell in NYC to talk about her 18 year stint on “The Young and The Restless”, her newest book “The Young and The Ruthless”, how much the life and drama of Calysta resembles her own, the activism she is doing with foster children, and so much more!

Here is Victoria Rowell on CBS’ “The Couch” right before chatting with me: