When you think of taking a glamorous vacation, you would imagine laying on a beach in Bora Bora, or skiing in the Alps, or sunbathing in beautiful St. Barth’s, but for acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Andrew Blackwell, he decided to visit the most polluted places on the planet and found out it wasn’t so bad after all!!  Oh, and by the way, he has now written a critically acclaimed book about his adventures called “Visit Sunny Chernobyl” that has gotten rave reviews and critical acclaim from the press.  Here’s a great way to sum this hilariously awesome and fascinating book up (I read it and LOVED it!!):

For most of us, traveling means visiting the most beautiful places on Earth—Paris, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon. It’s rare to book a plane ticket to visit the lifeless moonscape of Canada’s oil sand strip mines, or to seek out the Chinese city of Linfen, legendary as the most polluted in the world. But in Visit Sunny Chernobyl, Andrew Blackwell embraces a different kind of travel, taking a jaunt through the most gruesomely polluted places on Earth. From the hidden bars and convenience stores of a radioactive wilderness to the sacred but reeking waters of India, Visit Sunny Chernobyl fuses immersive first-person reporting with satire and analysis, making the case that it’s time to start appreciating our planet as it is—not as we wish it would be. Irreverent and reflective, the book is a love letter to our biosphere’s most tainted, most degraded ecosystems, and a measured consideration of what they mean for us.

Equal parts travelogue, expose, environmental memoir, and faux guidebook, Blackwell careens through a rogue’s gallery of environmental disaster areas in search of the worst the world has to offer—and approaches a deeper understanding of what’s really happening to our planet in the process”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the Pollution Vacation King himself, Andrew Blackwell, in NYC during his media blitz for the book, to talk about “Visit Sunny Chernobyl, what prompted him to go around the world in search of the “Anti-Vacation”, what he learned when bar hopping in Chernobyl and other adventures, what the pitch for this book must have sounded like, how he can possibly top this with his next bestseller, and sooo much more!!  To say that this book is unlike anything you may ever read is an understatement, and Andrew’s wit and discoveries through the process make this one of my favorite books in a long time! Enjoy Kade Nation!!  Also make sure to catch Andrew on Leonard Lopate tonight!!