Anytime you can sit down with a writer and journalist as brilliant and fun as Jack Hitt at the top of the Yale Club in NYC on a beautiful day right before he heads off to film an interview on The Colbert Report, it’s a good day.  Jack’s newest book, “Bunch of Amateurs: A Search for the American Character” is receiving critical acclaim and tremendous media attention. Most days, he’s a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine. He occasionally contributes to the public radio program, This American Life. His book, Off the Road: A Modern-Day Walk Down the Pilgrim’s Route into Spain, was made into a motion picture, “The Way,” directed by Emilio Estévez and starring Martin Sheen. His work has won the Peabody, Livingston and Pope Awards. His Harper’s report on American anthropology was selected for a collection of the best science writing of the past 25 years, The Best of the Best of American Science Writing. His work also appears in Harper’s, Rolling Stone and Wired. He is currently touring a one-man show, “Making Up the Truth”–a series of his slightly incredible real-life stories woven in with the contemporary brain science that nearly answers the question, “Is any of this true?”  Jack Hitt is truly a man who does it all!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible Jack Hitt on the balcony of the beautiful Yale Club in NYC right before his appearance on The Colbert Report to talk about his new book “Bunch Of Amateurs”, how America’s creativity was built in garages, what Europeans really thought of Ben Franklin and the colonials, Jack’s one man show, and sooo much more!!  Jack is an absolutely brilliant and super fun interview so enjoy Kade Nation!

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Jack Hitt
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