Neal Thompson is an accomplished journalist and author. His latest book is “A Curious Man,” the story of the adventure-seeking cartoonist Robert Ripley (2013). In addition to writing widely for newspapers and magazines, Thompson has published four books. He wrote “Driving with the Devil” (2007) about the birth of NASCAR, “Light This Candle” (2004) about astronaut Alan Shepard, and “Hurricane Season” (2010) about a high school football coach, his team, and their triumph over adversity. Thompson has contributed to ESPN, the History Channel, and NPR. He’s written for Outside, Esquire, Backpacker, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated. Thompson has also spent time teaching creative non-fiction writing at the University of North Carolina’s Great Smokies Writing Program.

The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade sits down #InTheLab with the brilliant Neal Thompson right after his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about his new book on Robert Ripley and so much more!

Here is Neal Thompson on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart right before chatting #InTheLab: