Edmund White is one of the literary giants of our time, an author who through his words and ultra descriptive storytelling about being Gay, Openly HIV Positive (He has indicated that he is ‘Non-Detectable Now”), Sexually Promiscuous, and growing up in the Midwest to New York to Europe during one of the most creative times of a generation, has helped break down barriers for writers and other artists alike, defined “Gay Culture”, and earned himself a countless number of awards (He has earned a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and an Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres), distinctions, and respect as one of the most groundbreaking authors/cultural critics in the literary world.  White’s best-known work is A Boy’s Own Story, the first volume of an autobiographical-fiction series that continued with The Beautiful Room Is Empty and The Farewell Symphony, describing stages in the life of a gay man from boyhood to middle age. Several characters in these latter two novels are recognizably based on well-known individuals from White’s New York-centered literary and artistic milieu. Although White is known as a novelist whose work has been widely praised by such writers as Vladimir Nabokov and Susan Sontag, it is as a cultural critic that White has perhaps had his greatest influence. Urbane, knowing, sophisticated, he has chronicled gay life in the seventies through the nineties with wit and insight.  White was a member of The Violet Quill, a gay writer’s group that met briefly from 1980–1981. The Violet Quill included other prolific gay writers like Andrew Holleran and Felice Picano.  His new book “Jack Holmes And His Friend” (His 26th book!!) has received tremendous critical acclaim, and he is currently a member of the faculty of the prestigious Creative Writing Program at Princeton University. 

Here “The King Of Kamelot” is granted a rare interview with a Literary Icon, to talk about his new book, “Jack Holmes And His Friend”, his iconic and groundbreaking career, his life with being HIV Positive, his unique graphicness in his writing, living modestly and the life of an author, and sooo much more!!  Edmund White is a true pioneer and this was a joy!   Enjoy Kade Nation!