The assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the most memorable and mysterious days in United States history, but for one man, that day, and the people involved, hold special meaning that few if any can ever comprehend.  Clint Hill was the Secret Service Agent assigned to protect the First Lady to whom he referred as “Mrs. Kennedy”, and with whom he built a deep emotional relationship over four years, and was the agent seen in the tape during the shooting riding right behind the Presidential Car when JFK was shot, then jumping on the back of the car to help protect the First Lady as she was attempting to retrieve fragments of JFK’s head after he was shot.  That series of events helped alter the course of history on so many fronts, but for Clint Hill, it also led to the end of his career, a deep depression that led him to distancing his family and friends, and the loss of his confidence, but now with the release of “Mrs. Kennedy And Me”, co-authored by Award Winning Journalist and NY Times Bestselling Author Lisa McCubbin, we are given a first hand look into one of history’s most poured over days, and inside the internal relationship of a Secret Service Agent and the Woman he was assigned to protect.  The book has received National Attention being featured this week on The Today Show, CNN, USA Today, etc.., and reviews have been nothing short of stellar.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the woman who helps share the incredible memories of Clint Hill to talk about “Mrs. Kennedy And Me”, the almost “Love-Like” relationship between Mr. Hill and Mrs. Kennedy, the events of the JFK Assassination, Clint’s life afterwards, what they may be working on next, and sooo much more!!  Lisa was a joy to meet and interview in NYC!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!! 

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