Courage comes in many forms.  Tiffanie DiDonato is a prime example of that. Tiffanie was born 3’06” and underwent two controversial and grueling lengthening surgeries to live what she felt would be a more “Normal” life.  She wrote an amazing book documenting her experiences called “Dwarf”, and is now married to a Marine with a child, and is 4’10”.  Here is a great summary of what to expect from her truly inspirational story!

“It’s okay with me if you picked up this book because you’re curious about what it’s like to live with dwarfism. But I hope that you’ll take away much more—about adapting to the world when it won’t adapt to you.”—Tiffanie DiDonato from Dwarf

“A memoir of grit and transformation for anyone who has been told something was impossible and then went on to do it anyway.

Tiffanie DiDonato was born with dwarfism. Her limbs were so short that she was not able to reach her own ears. She was also born with a serious case of optimism. She decided to undergo a series of painful surgeries that gave her an unprecedented 14 inches of height—and the independence she never thought she’d have.

After her surgeries, Tiffanie was able to learn to drive, to live in the dorms during college, and to lead a normal life. She even made time to volunteer, writing to troops stationed abroad, and one of those Marine pen pals ultimately became her husband.

Dwarf is a moving and at times funny testament to the power of sheer determination.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with incredible Tiffanie DiDonato right after her appearance on Good Morning America to talk about her new book “Dwarf”, the courage that it took to have the lengthening surgery not just once but twice, the controversial response that she has received from doing this, her current life being a wife and mother, and soo much more!  After reading Dwarf, you will truly understand why Tiffanie is one of the most remarkable and courageous people you will ever get to know!

Here are some of Tiffanie’s recent television appearances on Good Morning America and Nightline as well!