Simply put, “The Ramones” are one of the most influential and pioneering bands of all time.  Spin Magazine ranked them as the #2 Band of all time right behind “The Beatles”, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked them Top 50 Artists of All Time, VH1 ranked them Top 100 Rock Artists Ever, and they are widely credited for being the first Punk Rock Band in history and having created the movement that today is Alternative Music as well as spearheading the modern “Fast” and “Aggressive” sound of today’s Rock Artists.  They have been awarded the top recognitions that any music artist can receive, both being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2002, and then last year being awarded the Grammy Life Time Achievement Award and have entered cultural legend status being mentioned in TV Shows, Movies, and as the main influence of the sound of many of today’s most iconic bands.  “The Ramones” are music royalty, and of the founding members of the group (Their first four albums are considered their best and most critically acclaimed work), there is only one person still alive to carry on the legacy and that is Tommy Ramone (His real name is Tamás Erdélyi ).  He is the original drummer, and helped produce their most memorable music, and is also regarded as having in many ways formed the Band that was made up of four random kids from Forest Hills, NY, who would go on to become one of the great bands in history.  Currently, Tommy and Claudia Tienan (formerly of underground band The Simplistics) are performing as a bluegrass-based folk duo called Uncle Monk, and he continues to carry on the legacy of ‘The Ramones” as the group’s last surviving original member as well as appearing for Johnny Ramone’s autobiography “Commando”.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of Rock’s greatest Icons to talk about “The Ramones” and being part of one of the great bands in music history, what it was like back then with the Punk Rock Movement in NYC at places like CBGB’s, carrying on the legendary legacy of the band, their unique fast sound and short songs, and soo much more!!  This was truly an honor because the influence that “The Ramones” had on much of the music I listen to today is tremendous, so to be able to sit down with one of it’s founding and most influential forces was just amazing!  An enormous thank you to Ian At Mysterious Books in Tribeca NYC for allowing us to film the interview!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!