Sally Koslow is one of the most respected women’s “journalistic” voices in the country.  As the long time editor in chief of the iconic McCall’s Magazine (After she rose in the ranks at Mademoiselle), she shaped the country’s oldest women’s magazine, and eight years later, McCall’s was transformed into the short-lived Rosie, edited by the celebrity Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie moved into Sally’s office and Sally was named “corporate editor.” Later that year she went on to create a magazine prototype for Lifetime Television for Women, owned by Disney and Hearst Magazines, and became the first editor-in-chief of the magazine, which was called Lifetime.  She is the bestselling author of With Friends Like These; The Late, Lamented Molly and Little Pink Slips, and consults with and has contributed essays and articles to many American magazines, including O the Oprah Magazine, More, Real Simple, Ladies’ Home Journal, Health, Reader’s Digest and Good Housekeeping as well as two anthologies, Dirt: The Quirks, Habits and Passions of Keeping House and Wedding Cake for Breakfast, where writers recount their first year of marriage. On TV, she has been featured on Today, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Fox & Friends, Good Day New York and news programs affiliated with MSNBC, CNN and CNBC. Sally has lectured at Yale University, Columbia University, New York University, The University of Chicago, The University of Wisconsin, and many other colleges, professional associations, community and synagogue groups.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the brilliant and awesome Sally Koslow in NYC right after her appearance on NBC’s The Today Show to talk about her newest bestseller “Slouching Towards Adulthood”, where she examines the rising epidemic of children moving back in with their parents after college (She calls them Adultescents), and sooo much more!  This book is brilliant, and has received critical acclaim, and by delving into the latest research and conducting probing interviews with both frustrated parents and their frustrated offspring, Sally uses humor, insight, and honest self-reflection to give voice to the issues of prolonged dependency. From the adultescent’s relationship to work (or no work), money (that convenient parental ATM), or social life, Slouching Toward Adulthood is a provocative, razor-sharp, but heartfelt cri de coeur for all the parents who sent their kids to college only to have them ricochet home with a diploma in one hand and the DVR remote in the other.

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Here is Sally on The Today Show on NBC with Ann Curry right before sitting with me

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Here is the official Book Trailer:

Slouching Toward Adulthood – Book Trailer from THEY bklyn on Vimeo.