Charles Murray is regarded perhaps as the most respected author and pundit on social reform in America.  He is the W.H. Brady Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute (The Country’s most respected conservative political think tank) and his books “The Bell Curve” and “Losing Ground” are two of the most socially and culturally influential books ever written, having helped influence the direction of legislation and law-making.  “The Bell Curve’s” central point is that intelligence is a better predictor of many factors including financial income, job performance, unwed pregnancy, and crime than one’s parents’ socio-economic status or education level. Also, the book argued that those with high intelligence (the “cognitive elite”) are becoming separated from the general population of those with average and below-average intelligence, and that this was a dangerous social trend, and “Losing Ground”states that all social welfare programs are doomed to affect a net harm on society, and actually hurt the very people those programs are trying to help, and he concludes that all social welfare programs cannot be successful and should ultimately be eliminated all together.  Now, Murray is back with his new book “Coming Apart” which is a detailed look into the class separation that has occurred in America over the last 50 years and ways to address this including eliminating unpaid internships, the SATs and bachelor’s degrees as job requirements, and this book has received so much praise that Murray was in the running for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world 2012.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of America’s brightest social and cultural critics in Washington DC to talk about his new book “Coming Apart” the state of ever growing class division that has occurred in America over the last 5 decades, what he says may be some of the immediate solutions, his mega-controversial book “The Bell Curve” and how it influenced me in College, his appearance on “The Colbert Report”, and soo much more!!   It was an honor to sit down with a man who has more comprehensively written about the social and cultural state of America then possibly anyone in last 50 years to talk!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here is Charles Murray On The Colbert Report shortly before sitting down with me:

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