When you’re dealing with drunk girls, it can be an amazing night, or the most annoying thing on Earth. I have had many times where a girl is drunk and we have had a great night of sex and fun, but I also have hung out with girls that are so drunk that they need to be babysat and start bitching, falling over, or tell me “I miss my Ex” or my favorite “I can’t do this”, upon which I tell them to go away. A girl who can’t handle her liquor is so unattractive because she looks like a slobbering idiot, and if she’s anything less than a 9, than it’s death, especially when she is a clinger who won’t leave me alone.

I thought about this today because we had quite a night in AC. First, I ran into Penn and Teller at Harrah’s who I talked with about “The Journey” (They wished me well), saw my boy’s band “Mofaux”, at Eden Lounge, and then went to The Pool. I was coming off the amazing eulogy that I had given at the funeral, so we were escorted in past an enormous line at The Pool, and was pumped. I looked at the crowd, and wasn’t impressed, and I was somehow separated from the group, and one of the bouncers asked me to pay a cover to which I said, “I am always comped everywhere”. He grabbed me around the back and pulled me out of line, and I told him who I was and then I saw the GM who I told, “I did not appreciate the way he did that” and who I was and he walked me back in and said “I understand” I know everyone won’t always recognize me, but I was so pissed at the way he grabbed me that I was debating calling a higher-up at the hotel, and letting them know that I wasn’t happy. I chilled at my friend’s table, but the club sucked, there were way too many guys, I saw at least 2 fights (Although security was pretty awesome), and there were not many 9′s or 10′s. Two of the girls that we were with were actually kicked out of the pool because they made out naked in the Jacuzzi.

I was sharing a room with my boy (We had old-style bunk beds) and one of the girls kept coming in the room to ask if she could sleep with us. It was so annoying because I told her to show me her body first, and finally I decided to let her sleep in bed with me, only if we hooked up. She called me “Arrogant”, but I knew she wanted me the whole night by the way she was looking at me like a piece of meat. Her body was an 8.8, and it was 3AM, so I figured it could be fun, but when we kissed and touched, she annoyed me some more by the way she was “fake moving” (When a girl moves around and makes faces trying to come off sexual) so I kicked her out of my bed and said to hook up with my boy or get out of the room. She decided to leave.

Why can’t girls just know that if they drink they look like idiots, and if they want to hang with someone on my level, then they need to bring their “A” game. She wasn’t a potential drought breaker, but I though that at least it would be fun to get some minor play. I am so ready to get back to work this week.

Here are pictures and videos from last night: