One of the most asked questions of me is about my rating scale. I have girls coming up to me almost every night I’m out, asking me to rate them, and how I come up with certain numbers for certain people. I always have the same answer, which is, “This is not a set formula, and I don’t have a specific type that I like, it’s just what I see, and what I think a girl brings to the table”. People will ask about what hair color, eye color, height, body type, etc. that I seem to favor, and the answer is none. They ask me what is “stripper hot”, and who is a 10? I have actually had a girl tell me she wanted to go in the bathroom with me at G Lounge (because she thought she was a 9) so she could show me her body to rate her, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by giving her a 7, so I told her, “You’re cute, but I’ll pass”. She badgered me some more throughout the night, and I finally had to leave the Mogul Room to get away.

What I can tell you is that I am a very difficult grader, and it takes something very special to amaze me into giving them a 9 or 10. I also have the experience of having dated some of the most beautiful women around the world, and can tell you that I like a girl having sexuality, class, model features, humility, and most of all an amazing “look”. I like exotic eyes, and someone who can take over a room with her presence, to compliment me, and there are girls who are classically beautiful who I would not rate high because of a lack of “stripper” hotness, but girls who are not as beautiful rate higher because of personality, charisma, and sexuality. I want to be able to look at a girl and want to rip her clothes off when she’s out, but feel the same way if she is taking out the trash in her sweats in the morning. I know my self worth, and will never settle for anything less than a 10.

To give everyone an idea of what I think is what, I am placing a tab at the top of the site (Kade Scale) rating people you know. I also feel that certain cities have hotter girls, so recently I have been using cities ahead of the numbers as well to distinguish the difference (For example a 9 in Philly may be a 6 or 7 in NYC).