When I look in the mirror, I see myself as the Lance Armstrong of life because I have such an amazing level of stamina that I barely sleep, always practice my craft, and network relentlessly to become the biggest star in the world. So many people are jealous of what I have accomplished, and stars that are less than me would let “The Haters” affect them, but I use that as motivation to become bigger, better, and sexier to my fans, and try to make “The Journey” move at an even faster rate than the unnatural one that I have already done. The human body can only take so much, and sometimes even Arthur Kade needs a reminder to take a night off and slow down or I will potentially have a heart attack and die, and today was one of those reminders.

In any given day, I will drink anywhere from 4-6 RedBulls or other energy drinks to keep myself wired and do my pre-workout supplement of Black Powder (Or any other NO2 supplement for my strenuous and insane workouts) to always keep me on edge so that I can do the special things that The Brand does on a daily basis in The Craft and “The Journey”. My friends always scream at me that it’s too much and that I will give myself a heart attack living this “On the Edge”, and I just laugh it off and say, “Sleep is the third cousin of death”, and just push forward even harder. Lately, I have been sleeping less and less, and working more and more, and have battled a cold, and my anxiety level has been much higher than usual, and then today while in the gym for the second time with one of my good friends (I had just taken his NO2 supplement at his house), I started feeling lightheaded and my heart was racing, and I actually pulled him into the locker room because I thought I was having a heart attack. It’s amazing what you think about when you may be dying, and what went through my mind was in this order: 1) I can’t let millions around the world down, 2) I wonder what the media will say about this if I land in the hospital in front of the Gen Pop, so I need to do this in private, and 3) I can’t let this happen when I am about to make millions, I can have any girl I want being Arthur Kade, and I am clearly on my way to Little Oscar.

I have had an experience like this before years ago where I had a 6 day bender of drinking and partying (With little to no sleep where I had some fun with several girls in NYC and Philly), and was taking Hydroxycut to “Rip Down” for a photo shoot, and while doing Sunday Brunch with friends at Rouge, the heat lamp over me caused my heart to speed up and I thought I was going to die. I had a girl that I was friends with walk me around Rittenhouse Square to help me calm it down, but I got ultra light headed and jumped in a cab and headed to Jefferson Hospital. I have never been that lightheaded before, and actually had the cab driver weaving in and out of traffic to get me there, and after I got in the the ER, they admitted me and told me my heart had almost stopped. They asked if I had done drugs and of course I answered “No”, and when they did the EKG they told me that whatever I did almost caused a heart attack and that they wanted to do blood work to be precautionary.

Of course, once I started feeling better, I told them I wanted to go (Blood work takes way too long, and I was feeling a lot better), so I told the doctor, “Is it OK if I head back to Rouge?”, and he said, “I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s your call if you’re feeling better”, so I checked out headed back to Rouge and ended the night in a strip club with friends being the warrior that I am (I would love to do an Epic movie like BraveHeart one day that shows that Primal side of me). Today was a tough reminder of that same sensation, and once I got home, I relaxed, and decided that I’m not that same animal I used to be back then that was reckless and careless, and have to know when The Brand’s body is telling me to pull back. All I could think about on the cab ride home was how much my fans around the world are depending on me and “The Journey” for their lives to be better, and that I can’t let them down now when I am about to do the impossible with a TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, and other Huge things in the works. Overload can be my greatest asset because I outwork the world, but if I am not careful, it can kill me, and I would disappoint millions from watching me hold Little Oscar.

“I wonder how much seats next to Jack cost for Lakers Games at The Staples Center, or will they just hook me up next year? because I am Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…09/29/09

The interview with 107.5 in Greensboro was an amazing one where they had me on for about 11 minutes I think to talk about “The Journey” (I can’t find the podcast or MP3 to link on their site, and they never emailed it to me), and I made them staunch believers after our talk. I received several emails from new fans in that area, and now the Legend that is The Brand is taking over North Kadeilina, and The South is almost completely mine by state. I also spoke to the Producer from the project I am a principal in that will be used for pilot presentation, and he is finalizing the production schedule now so I hope to be shooting soon. He texted me if I played BBall, and I just smiled and thought, “If you only knew” and answered yes. Here are acting videos from my lesson with Sharon today working on a scene from “He’s Just Not That Into You” for Lemon’s class tomorrow as well as an improv scene to get into character: