After finishing up a business meeting on Wednesday afternoon, I was in a cab with Studio 54 and Radio Babe, and we starting talking about sex.  As we were talking, I geared up the courage to tell them I am in the longest drought of my sexual career.  They both asked how long it has been for me, and I told them five weeks. Both of them laughed, and said that wasn’t that long a time period, but I explained to them that I haven’t gone two consecutive weeks without sex since I was 19 years old.

What’s even stranger is that for the most part, the reason that I haven’t been with anyone is that I find myself turning down the easiest of sex.  I have slept in bed with girls, hooked up with them at various levels, and had my chances, but yet closing the deal has not been a reality.  There have been several occasions that I have had girls pretty much say “let’s go home”, and I have found myself finding something wrong, something that I am not attracted to, or just not being in the mood.  I have also had situations where I have been ultra attracted to a woman, or even tried to go back to old favorites, and have not been able to close.  I am constantly in the hottest clubs or venues (Set, Louis, LIV,  1Oak, G Lounge..etc..) in whatever city I’m in, and yet I am not making it happen.

It’s an amazing revelation because as we were sitting in the cab I started talking aloud about what might be wrong.  Is it that I am way too focused on my career objective?  Is my energy around women bad right now?  Do I realize that I don’t want anything serious, so I am actually doing the right thing and not leading them on?

I feel like since I was diagnosed with Diabetes and have cut back my drinking, the easy sex that would always act as a bridge between the women that I find myself interested in dating and the booty calls has disappeared.  I also feel that when I’m out in a social setting, the girls that I’m not super attracted to (6′s and 7′s), the ones I used to find when I needed something casual with no strings attached (quick hits), are not appealing to me anymore.  It feels like I am swinging for the homerun instead of focusing on singles and doubles to drive in runs.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from out and about in Miami, NYC, and Philly: