Global “Kade Style” Domination is not just about having Gen Poppers around the world follow “The Journey”, and the career of the “Youngest and Freshest New Face In Hollywood”, but it’s also about making a difference and changing the lives of so many, and to those who don’t know, CLEO Magazine is one of Australia’s largest Women’s Lifestyle Magazines (While at the top Sunday Brunch party in NYC at Travertine on Kenmare, a wealthy Aussie Man said when I told him about the article on The Brand, “They are the Cosmo of Australia. Congratulations because all the women in Sydney and Melbourne Read it”), and they have decided to do a feature on one of the fastest rising young stars in “The Biz”, and the impact that I am making not only in perfecting The Craft on the way to Lil’ Oscar and Mr. Pulitzer, but also the tremendous social impact that I am having on all genders, races, religions, and nationalities around the world. The article is one of the best looking and most artistic that I have ever seen, and CLEO used great pictures of me that give the whole new population that may have not heard of me an idea of my “Leading Man” looks, personality, and charm that has made me such a wanted commodity in KA, and show me looking young and fresh.

The article is tremendous, and considering that Australia is all the way on the other side of the world, and features 2 of the biggest and most advanced cities (Sydney and Melbourne) in the world, the fact that CLEO Magazine has decided to feature a “Celebrity” as they called me shows the impact around the world that “The Journey” is having in just 10.50012 months with more surprises on the way. Aussie girls are also some of the most beautiful in the world (I will be developing an International Kade Scale Soon, but Aussie girls are always in shape, have gorgeous features in a very California way, the several that I have slept with have been amazing in bed ((One actually was one of the best of my life because she was like a Porn Star in the sack, and listening to her accent as she screamed my name was like an orgasm all in it’s self)), and she was a 5’9″ model with amazing legs, reddish blond hair, and blue eyes that were striking like an owl) extremely flexible and athletic, and just a joy to be around.

The amazing “Biz Changing” article will be read by millions in the Aussie Triangle (Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia), and should make me an even bigger celebrity in the land down under, and it features a summary on The Brand, an amazing Q&A with the M.I.M. (Mogul in the Making), and some of my best comments and authoring, as well as when my hit TV Show, NY Times Bestselling Book, and first movie come out, the ratings will be increased and the Gen Pop will rejoice in the cataclysmic occurrence that is Arthur Kade. I have been so focused on “The Journey” and getting ready for Sundance domination with my fellow “Bizzers” and “Crafters” that I have stayed away from doing all of the “Little Press Requests” that I get on a daily basis, but considering this a Major Cosmopolitan Magazine in one of the most populated cities in the world, I thought it would be great to share “The Journey” and The Brand’s story with my Aussie Neighbors.

Here are the images of the groundbreaking article in CLEO, and pictures and vids from a night in NYC that only a celebrity of my caliber can create (I will blog this shortly complete with a “How to Party in NYC Guide by Arthur Kade for the Gen Pop”). We started at the “Members-Only”, Ultra-Exclusive Soho House for a private party (Anyone who knows this place knows that it only allows the top of the top of citizens, and you can’t even pull out cameras to protect celebs like me from “The Paps” (What we celebs refer to as the paparazzi), then went to the Ultra Hot Su Casa where I met the crazy talented sneaker guys, Shane and Sean, and we chilled at their table, then went to the hottest club in NYC with the hardest door to get in, Avenue (Where we just slid in like rock stars), and then finished the night at the legendary 1OAK, where there was a line to get in, but we were walked in “Kade Style”, and then Arthur Kade was in the DJ Booth with DJ Sinatra (This is the type of shit only people like The Brand, Jay-Z, and Gerry Butler get to do and the vid although dark is below) with one of the owners next to us at his table, some rapper who was throwing money in the air (We were laughing because it was one dollar bills which looked cheesy and so not 50 Centish) while DJ’s on various coasts (DJ’s Politik, Equal, and Sinatra) were all twittering about the damage I was doing with my “Kade Style” domination. We finished the weekend at the hottest Sunday Brunch party in NYC, Travertine (The place is absolutely gorgeous, and doesn’t have the Euro-Cheese Factor of places like Revel or Bagatelle ((I had a girl BBM’ing me she was at Revel on Saturday while I was with an NYC 9.4 shopping in SOHO, and I was laughing and responded, “That place is soo last year. It’s over” and the girl with me said, tell her to go to The Standard Grill for the Real party, but she wasn’t listening)), and the food is incredible, the vibe is sick, and they are opening a club downstairs in April which will probably be like RoseBar when it was ultra Balls Ass Hot.

“Arthur Kade doesn’t need to rule the world, he needs the world to just bow down to his dominance”…Arthur Kade…01/17/10

Here is the image of the article, so click on it and enlarge and enjoy!!!!