In what can be summed up as one of the most anticipated, acclaimed, and amazing debuts of any celebrity ever to grace a hit TV Show, I think it was clear to every Gen Popper around the world that Arthur Kade did not disappoint.
Here is the NEW GawKade (Gawker, Kade’s Personal Celeb Tabloid) Link celebrating this amazing accomplishment:

The Brand has received dozens of emails, texts, and BBM’s congratulating me on what only can be defined as a first starring performance in my domination of the show, and needless to say, “The Journey” has taken the next step with Arthur Kade speaking in a TV Show, and doing it with such panache’ and grace that “The Biz” is saying today, “This kid is the real deal” (Gen Poppers stopped me everywhere to congratulate me on this accomplishment, and the comments were always, “You looked amazing”, “You owned the show”, and “They should make you a regular principal (I told one of The Entourage, “How cool would it be if I headlined 2 Hit shows on TV at the same time. I would be the “”Akon”" of TV and Film ((Because he is the only music artist to have 2 number 1 songs out at the same time in history)))”. “Popping The Cherry” (The Term we working actors in “The Biz” use to refer to our first spoken lines on National TV) can be a nerve wracking experience for most working actors, but what makes Arthur Kade so special, so in demand, so sexy, and so superior is that he may get an Emmy nomination in his first turn on TV because of what one fan called, “The most entertaining and funny thing I have seen on TV in forever”, and this will be an added step to opening doors to touching Lil’ Oscar like no one else ever has.

The Brand decided to watch his “Cherry Popper” by himself in Chateau Kade because I wanted to savor all of the hard work, the hours of practice on The Craft, the sacrifices of money, vagina, and life frills that it took to get to this moment, and I wanted to savor it with the one person I love more than anyone, Arthur Kade. I will let the vids below share my excitement and orgasm in watching myself finally reach the silver screen, and in less than a year of “The Journey”, the brisk pace with which Arthur Kade continues to achieve is unprecedented and unbelievable. “The Year Of The Brand” is off to a crazy start, and trust me when The Brand says, “This is only the pre-ejaculation. I am still just getting warmed up and will explode this year like no one else ever has in history”.

“February 22nd, 2010 will go down in history as a day where the world saw the true abilities of Arthur Kade, and the world now sees that it’s all real, it’s all touchable, and it’s all the orgasmic experience that will light generations for decades to come”….Arthur Kade…02/23/10

Here are the vids, supplemented by Balls Ass Kade commentary: