Joshua Jay is considered the top young magician in the world right now, having appeared on every major television network including CNN, Good Morning America, and The Today Show, having  authored seven books on magic, including the best-selling “MAGIC: The Complete Course [Workman, 2008]”, which is available in four languages, and now has released his “Magic Kit” called “The Complete Magician” (I’ve seriously been playing with it for hours and hours!) which is beyond amazing!  He has won every major award in the Magic world, become perhaps the finest lecturer on the subject in the world having spoken in over 40 countries around the world, and has people like David Blaine saying “I consider Josh an important emerging voice in our art”, and Lance Burton quoted as saying “This Kid is going places”.  People like Jason Alexander and Woody Allen are mega fans of his books and one man show, and the sky is the limit for a charming and handsome young man in an industry where he has become the Lebron James of the sport.  And this Thursday he will be appearing at the prestigious Lincoln Center in NYC with 2 other magicians doing an ultra cool seminar/lecture.

Here ‘The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the amazing magical talent while he is on his “The Complete Magician” tour to talk about his meteoric rise to stardom in the magic world, what relationships are like with other star magicians, how is it in the dating world when you say you are a professional magician, and Joshua even does an amazing magic trick for me!!  Awesome guy and awesome talent!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!