He is one of the most influential, well respected, and successful producers in hip hop and rap, known for being “The StarBreaker”, “The Connector”, “Mr. Money Machine” and “Number 1 Co-Signer”, because he has collaborated and helped drive to stardom the likes of Rap Royalty such as Young Jeezy, Asher Roth (Who made the song “Cannon”), Big Sean, Fabolous, Young Chris, Lil’ Wayne, T.I, The Game, Ludacris, Lil’ Scrappy, and sooo many more through his song/beat creation, as well as becoming the God of the mixtapes which is used to help get the rapper’s sound and talent out to the masses (Asher Roth’s “The Greenhouse Effect” is what got him known, and is still arguably one of the coolest releases ever in my opinion, and you will notice in the interview below that Cannon talks about a meeting he just had with Asher and “Someone who I can’t say who it is but he had his hat down and has 12 million twitter followers”..Pretty easy guess on that one..)!!  His production credits list a who’s who of hip hop’s Top 10 rappers including Outkast “The Art of Storytelling Part 2” featuring Marsha Ambrosius, Young Jeezy “Go Crazy” featuring Jay-Z, 50 Cent’s “Man Down,” Ludacris’ “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Undisputed” featuring Floyd Mayweather, and Fabolous’ “Jokes on you.”, and his current hit on the radio, “Break My Heart” (One of my 3 most played songs on my iPod, and I constantly quote lines from it on Twitter) by Estelle and Rick Ross, is quickly moving to the top of the Billboard charts sitting at 15 right now, and steadily moving up.  In college, he partnered up with another legend, DJ Drama, to create the production team “The Aphilliates” which pretty much owned Atlanta hip hop which they grew into the strongest hip hop birth bed in the country, and together they created the greatest series of Mixtapes the world has ever known including Young Jeezy’s Trap Or Die, and The Gangsta Grillz series which featured the “Who’s Who” of hip hop (Snoop, Akon, Jeezy, etc..) and achieved amazing commercial success breaking into the Billboard top 25, and after splitting up with Drama several years ago, they have decided to reunite to do work on DJ Drama’s new “Third Power” (Cannon discusses reuniting with DJ Drama in the interview below with me).

As a certified celebrity DJ and proven Atlanta tastemaker, Cannon received “Atlanta’s Best DJ” from the prominent TV program Good Day Atlanta (FOX 5) and he was also named Mixtape Producer of the Year at the 11th Annual Mixtape Awards in May 2008.  Shortly after, Cannon founded a full-service production and promotion company, Cannon Music, LLC to house his growing brand (DC) as a DJ and producer and in 2009 alone, Cannon’s niche branding appeal led to DJ and production collaborations with: Microsoft’s Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned video game premiere party in Atlanta, DJ for Amare Stoudemaire during NBA All Star Weekend in Phoenix, production for Atlanta Hawks & Atlanta Thrashers season theme songs, Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne Opening song, and placement of Young Jeezy’s “Circulate” for the national Belvedere Vodka campaign.

Here, he sits down with “The King Of Kamelot”, to discuss how be became the brand builder for some of the biggest hip hop stars in the world, the reuniting with DJ Drama, some of the most brilliant artists he has worked with and built, the artists around the country that he sees as the new wave of “Break Out Stars”, the production of “Break My Heart”, and soo much more.  Don is a true DJ and Hip Hop legend already and was one of the coolest and most chill dudes you will ever meet (He’s way bigger then me and dwarfs me in the pic below) who is also from Philly, and one of the cool things I like about him was when I said “Not to sound corny, but I want to become the white boy of hip hop”, he said “let me know who you need to get to, and I’ll call them”.  That’s why they call him “The Connector”…Thanks for putting this together for me Keith…It was awesome to interview him!!