The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade welcomes the newly crowned Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady. Erin tells us about her background as an accountant saying “I told them there is a small chance, but now a big chance that I may not be returning on Tuesday morning when I’m supposed to be coming back because I may become Miss USA, but now I really am..and it’s incredible”. Erin also mentions that she is newly engaged letting us know that she is the first to be in this unique position.

Erin fills us in on what training to compete for Miss USA entails, saying “You have to be physically prepared, so you work out and you eat healthy because you want to make sure you’re in the best shape you can be for what you’re comfortable with, so everybody’s in a different shape, that’s what makes you unique. A lot of it for me was mental preparation, so making sure that I was up with current events, things are happening around the country, not just Connecticut”.

She also talks about starting pageants later than other contestants, saying that freshness gave her a competitive edge because she already knew who she was and was not molded into something someone else wanted her to be.

In the midst of the Miss Utah mess-up, Erin tells us how to make it through the question and answer round of the pageant, she says “You have to breathe and you have to realize that your nerves are there and you have to give a solid answer, a complete statement…I heard the question I thought it through and I answered instinctively”.

Erin also talks about growing up in a family which was heavily influenced by alcohol abuse. She says having this opportunity is a great platform for her to be able to show young people how to cope with alcohol abuse and to educate them on the subject.

Brady tells us how important the combination of beauty and brains is, saying what drew her to the Miss USA pageant was that it was a job position, where you have to be an educated businesswoman. She says “The definition of beauty is so broad and there’s so much more depth to it and I’m so glad that I’m the one that gets to show people that”.

She tells us about the coolest moment of her Miss USA experience, which was when her Grandmother surprised her on The Today Show. For more on Erin Brady, check out her interview with Arthur Kade In The Lab.

Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady, In the Lab With @ArthurKade

Here are some of Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady’s recent appearances on NBC’s Today Show and EXTRA!

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